If you have found a pet, please follow the steps below to get it home safe.

  1. Send a Facebook message to the QLPR.  Please include:
    • a photo of the pet
    • where the pet was found
    • the date that the pet was found
    • details of the animal including the breed (if known), gender, description of collar and tag/s (if applicable)
    • a contact telephone number
    • any other relevant information
  2. Take the pet to your local vet to be scanned for a microchip as soon as possible
    You can take the pet to any vet and get it scanned for a microchip. No appointment is required and the process is fast, simple and free.  Please remember, a tattoo in ear only denotes that the pet has been desexed, not whether it has a microchip).

    To find your nearest vet, please click here.

    If you have found a pet outside of normal business hours, on a weekend or public holiday, there may be a 24 hr vet close by. To find your nearest 24hr vet.

  3. Door knock in your area to see if you can locate the owner. If you have found a dog, walk the dog with you (on a leash) as it may guide you to its home
  4. Once the pet has been posted on the QLPR, please share the Facebook post on your own profile and any other community pages that are used by locals in your area
  5. If the pet has a Council registration tag, please ring the local council give them the tag number. Most Councils will either put you in contact with the owner or contact the owner for you.
  6. Place a free ad on Gumtree and on the RSPCA’s website
  7. If you’ve found a bird, please also advertise on Parrot Alert

If you are unable to care for a pet that you find, you are not permitted to rehome it or give it away. Please take it to your local pound or vet. There are legal processes to be followed to rehome an animal.

For more advice, please message the QLPR and one of our Coordinators will assist you.
Please remember – just because a pet is lost, it does not mean they are unloved or not cared for. There are lots of situations where much loved and well looked after pets have managed to go missing. More often than not, the owner will be frantic and worried about their pet. That’s why it is important to notify us immediately and get the pet to your closest vet as soon as possible.