The Queensland Lost Pet Register Inc is an independent organisation which is run entirely by unpaid volunteers. We have no paid employees so every single cent donated to the QLPR goes towards our overheads to help get pets home safely.

All donation are extremely appreciated.

If you would like to donate, our bank details are:
Account Name: Queensland Lost Pet Register Inc
BSB: 014314
Account Number: 465944693


Interested in being a volunteer for the Queensland Lost Pet Register? Here is a bit of information on the requirements and what we do as volunteers.

Firstly, a computer is essential for the role as most phones won’t let you post the way we do.

Assisting with the page involves posting lost and found pets that are sent to us via private message, searching and posting pets listed on Gumtree, the pound and RSPCA websites and checking other community pages for lost and found pets.

Each page has different time requirements, so we expect our coordinators to work with their team to ensure daily coverage of the page. If you have limited time but would still like to help we have positions available as RSPCA/Pound post administrators for certain regions. These posts are done daily at whatever time suits you.

If this sounds like a role for you, please contact us via Facebook.