Missing Dog

If your dog has gone missing, please follow the steps below.

  • Send a Facebook message to the QLPR.  Please include:
    • a photo of your dog
    • where it went missing from
    • when it went missing
    • the breed and gender of your dog
    • a description of its collar and tag/s (if applicable)
    • a contact telephone number
    • any other relevant information

If you believe your dog has been stolen, or seen being taken, please contact the Police via Policelink on 131444 to report this.  Provide the report number to your QLPR Coordinator if you would like your pet posted as “stolen”.

  • Contact your local Council to let them know that your dog is missing, and ask them to confirm that your Council registration details are up to date
  • Check that the details are recorded on your dog’s microchip are up to date. The easiest way to do this is via http://www.petaddress.com.au/ – If you do not know your pet’s microchip number, please contact your vet or Council to obtain the number. When checking your details, you should also flag your dog as “missing”
  • Notify local vets, pounds & animal welfare groups that your dog is missing
  • Go into your local pound and provide them with a photo of your pet. Don’t rely on a phone call as your description of your pet may not match with their description. Check the pound website regularly throughout the day
  • Place a free ad on Gumtree and on the RSPCA’s website
  • If possible to do so, leave a gate / door open for you dog in case he/she finds their own way home
  • Ask your neighbours to check around their yards, including sheds and garages
  • Door knock your neighbourhood with a photo of your dog and ask if anyone has seen him/her. It is helpful to print out a flyer with your dog’s photo and your contact details and leave it with people. This will assist other members of the community to contact you if they see your dog
  • Once your dog has been posted on the QLPR, please share the Facebook post on your own profile and any other community pages that are used by locals in your area. For a list of these pages, please contact your QLPR Coordinator
  • Place posters on noticeboards at shopping centres, local schools, and corner stores. Ask employees of local shops to keep an eye out too
  • Put up a sign out the front of your house to notify anyone passing that your dog is missing. Add a photo and a description with the date your dog went missing and a contact number
  • After we have posted your missing pet, it is important that you keep an eye on your Facebook messages, particularly “Message Requests” and the “Others Folder”. Unfortunately, messages from people who you are not friends with will go to these hidden areas. This means that if someone finds your dog and sends you a message on Facebook, you may not receive it directly in to your Inbox.

Remember – NEVER give up looking for your pet. They want you to find them & they’re probably missing you as much as you’re missing them.