If you see a stray pet but you’re unable to catch it, it’s important to report it to the QLPR so we can post a “sighting” of the pet.

As soon as possible, please send a Facebook message to the QLPR and include:

  • where the pet was seen
  • the date and time that the pet was seen
  • description of the pet including the breed (if known), gender, description of collar and tag/s (if applicable)
  • any other relevant information
  • a photo of the pet, if you are able to take one

One of our Coordinators will post the details – these sightings often lead to owners attending the area to catch their pet, or assist with their search.


✔ Get their attention -This can be done by talking to it quietly, with generalised words such as "Here kitty kitty", “good boy", "puppy puppy"
✔ Approach the animal very slowly – Do whatever you can to appear as small as possible – this will make you less intimidating to the animal
✖ Do not sit down, or get down on your hands and knees – it will make it harder for you to get away if the animal is aggressive
✖ Do not walk all the way up to the animal.  Allow them space so they do not feel cornered
✔ Let them come to you and always be aware of the animals body language.
✖ Never corner an animal. It will make it feel trapped and may bite out of fear
✔ Encourage the animal to approach you once you get close enough – Call to it in a calming voice. Put out your hand, gently pat the ground
✖ If you have food or treats, throw the food to the side and not directly at the animal. Food is an effective way to win an animal’s trust.
✔ Hold out your hand so that the back of your hand is facing the animal –
This is less threatening to most animals, and also lessens the chances of your fingers being bitten
✔ Observe the animal’s body language – Stay calm and slowly back away if a dog snarls or bares its teeth
✖ If a dog snarls or bares its teeth, do not run
✔ Remain motionless as the animal sniffs at your hand – Sudden movements may startle an animal, which could lead to a nip/bite. A friendly cat will rub your hand after sniffing it for a moment.
✔ Allow the animal to finish it’s examination of your hand and then slowly move your hand to their collar or try and secure them with a lead
✔ Wait until the animal is comfortable before reaching for the ID tag
✔ If the animal has no ID tag, take it to the nearest vet for a microchip scan
✔ If you are unable to catch a stray animal, please report it to your local Council so they can try to locate and catch it